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We have nothing available at this time.

No Pomeranian is meant to be an "outdoor" dog.
Poms should receive frequent supervised periods outdoors,
but should never be left outside when you are away or during inclimate weather.
I hear far too often of toy dogs being "stolen" out of someone's yard.
They are small and make easy prey to birds, coyotes, large dogs, and "bad people."
Please keep this in mind when inquiring about my dogs.

Please remember that adopting a puppy or dog is a life time commitment... the life of this dog!
Poms typically live 10 to 14 years or more!
Think very long and hard about whether you are ready to give this type of devotion.


When inquiring about an available Ruff Rydn' Pom,
please tell me a little about yourself, such as where you live,
are there small children in your house, other animals, etc.
I will not respond to "one-liner" e-mails.



My friend
Lori at So-Me Poms, has adults and puppies available

You can also check to see what might be in rescue.


Click here to review our Pricing Policy, Deposits and
Terms of Purchase, and to fill out our Adoption Application

or Contact me for more information






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