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A Bit About Me

Hi, my name is Vicky Roarke, and I am the owner & breeder of Ruff Rydn’ Poms. 


I am the mother of three precious children.  My son, Nate, is now married to my beautiful daughter-in-law, Jen.  Nate followed in my footsteps, and serves his country in the US Air Force.  My daughter Amy, works in the Dental field, and lives in Colorado with her favorite furry little guy, Harley!




I am very fortunate to be married to a wonderful man, Steve, who supports me in realizing my dream of breeding and showing the fabulous Pomeranian.



In 2003, my husband and I adopted our precious daughter, Eva, who has thoroughly enriched our lives. 



My adoration of Pomeranians began in 1994, when I spotted Miss Teddy in a photograph while visiting a friend.  I said, “I have to have this dog!”  My friend told me that she was pregnant and that I could possibly get one of her puppies. 

Well, the pregnancy turned out to be false, her owner got frustrated, and sold her to me!  Woo-hoo!  Was I happy!  Teddy became my most precious companion.  I swore she knew my every thought.  She definitely understood every word.  I couldn’t believe how intelligent and sensitive the breed was.

Well, Teddy has passed on, as all our little furry friends eventually do.  She inspired this whole dream, and will never be forgotten. 



We reside in the great northwest.  Finley is a community on the east side of Kennewick, nestled in the Columbia Basin in south central Washington.  We enjoy a desert climate with mild winters and very hot summers.  Steve and I love riding our Harley together, and the weather here, allows that a good part of the year.



I have worked in adult education through most of my life.  In 2004, I realized that
I had "teacher burnout" in the worst way.  My husband asked what I wanted to do for the rest of my
life.  I replied, "I just want to stay home so I can raise and show Pomeranians!"  Well, I think he still believes I'm just a little bit crazy, but loves me anyway.  He now only shakes his head when I say,
"Just one more, I promise!"


In starting this hobby, I have met some of the best friends I've had in my life. 
There is nothing like hanging out with the girls (and some guys of course!) at ringside of a dog show! 
It is truly wonderful to share in the same obsession with others..... no one looks at you and says, "You have HOW many dogs?"



   I've learned that a well planned, conscientious breeding program that utilizes carefully selected pedigrees, will produce some pretty awesome show prospects. 

I am excited to share my journey with you as I continue to learn and grow through my Pom endeavors.

 I love chatting about Poms, please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you might have.




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